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“Hand Happening”
August  4th Press cocktail at 6pm at B-Bar

This is how the sculptor introduced himself to Cabo’s population by choosing Casa Dorada exclusively for his first contact in Baja.

After living most of his life in Paris, working in Pietrasanta, since many years exploring aficionado the Pre-Columbian Art-History, dedicating to it his whole work. Developing world Art-Projects of an outstanding interest, projecting them on the international scene, which could be a unique promotion for places like Cabo San Lucas.

Enrique Turcott

The most remarkable 12 Monuments for Tolerance are to be erected in sensitive places of earth, the project was launched with the City Hall of Puerto Vallarta in 2005 in artist’s Gallery, but now we have the privilege to make it accessible to all, supporting the installation of this first bronze sculpture and its powerful message in the water of Medano Beach so as much as possible people will be able to contemplate, meditate and enjoy it.

To honor this creative mind we’re trying to satisfy other two Grosman’s passions: Wine cult and Art of Cigar with his friend Cigar creator DANIEL ALONSO RODRIGUEZ who will roll cigars for the sculptor and for any Cigar-lover while indulging on specially selected wines of LOS CABOS WINERY:
The “Shaking-Hand” in bronze to salute all Hotels’ visitors is a replica of artist’s own hand that represents another sidereal project   “ HEY OUT THERE! ” erecting 12 monumental hands stretched out from various places
on earth to salute the unknown beyond. Enjoy!
Tuesdays at 7pm Fine Cigars and Wine Tasting-Canapés $25 usd
For info see ALFONSO BRAVO, Communication and PR Director at the reception.
On the photo: With Enrique Turcott the Coordinator of Casa Dorada Hotel for the first shake instinctively the other people join us and in one moment a chain appeared and they start to talk to each other, incredible and then I said to myself I’ll do as much hands as possible to shake up all the frontiers between us.A.Grosman

Flyer 4-agosto[2]

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