7th Annual Costume Party Talent Show

7th Annual Costume Party Talent Show

The women’s organization of Los Cabos Tomatoes celebrated its 7th Annual Costume Party Talent Show on February 18, 2010 at The Original Park Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas.

Each year a different theme is selected with this year’s being “Cirque du Soleil” or circus of the sun. Committee members were Lynn Gutierrez, Margo Harwood, Eloise Constable, and Sandra Berry, creator of the event. A circus ring was created by circling tables and chairs in the large restaurant.

Decorations included long swathes of gold and white fabric, a red carpet, Venetian masks, fabric twisted into trapeze “ropes”, hula hoops, and Cirque du Soleil posters.

Calliope music greeted guests while Omar Ramirez, a versatile performer, stood way above the crowd on very tall stilts handing the 160 attendees a Souvenir Programme. Each person received a bag of popcorn and enjoyed a beverage called a “Painted Lady.”

Hot dogs were provided by the restaurant. A side show included a fortune teller, a 2-headed lady, a fat lady, and a snake charmer. Several “circus” acts were performed, including a dog act, and prizes were awarded for the best costumes and best “talent.”

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