The Farmers Market at Palmilla Is in Season!

The Farmers Market at Palmilla

Freshest produce, veggies, and fruits
Convenient location
Unique offerings
Wines and the best sommelier in Los Cabos

Organic beauty and spa products

Biodegradable cleaning products

And much more!

In Season!

Every week, The Farmers Market at Palmilla brings you something new and different, from the first vegetables and fruits of the season to special attractions. We have selected some of the best vendors in the area with a wide variety of products and services. Come and check them out:


Regional wines and the number one sommelier in Los Cabos, traditional Mexican candies, and biodegradable cleaning products.


Herbs, vegetables, fruits, fresh chicken, eggs, fish, seafood, wheatgrass, fresh baked bread, pasta, natural honey, and even organic beauty and spa products.


Panini, healthy muffins, cookies, ceviche, Mexican dishes, roasted chicken, coffee, fresh juices, jams, jellies, pesto, dressings, and sauces.


Palms, landscaping services, potted herbs, and fine plants to create your own organic garden.


Fashion trends, arts, crafts, ceramic, jewelry, books, maps, accessories, and also movies and popcorn!


Liga Mac, Red Autism, Los Cabos Humane Society, Los Niños del Capitan, Yo Reciclo.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday

We are striving to make this weekly event great and full of the quality products you would expect to find here. We are listening to your suggestions and continue to improve week after week. If you would like to provide additional feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at

Come on over!


Shopping Center and Dining Experience

Carretera Transpeninsular KM 27.5

Palmilla, San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S.

Tel. (624) 144-6999

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