746-Pound Monster Marlin Caught on Bisbee Registration Day!

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746-Pound Monster Marlin Caught on Bisbee Registration Day!
The Little Boat that Could…Pisces’ Tracy Ann!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — The Pisces Group Cabo is reporting that a 746-pound pound Blue Marlin was caught this morning at 10AM, October 18th, 2011 about 1.5 miles offshore on the Pacific side. The Tracy Ann is a 31-foot, popular and affordable standard boat within the Pisces Fleet and boasts Twin Catepillar 3208 engines providing more maneuverability. A local fishing icon captains the Tracy Ann by the name of Sr. Julio Castro. He is a long-time favorite captain of the angler friends Patrick Neville, his wife Jean, Thomas Heinz and his wife Penny all out of Florida, USA.

Coincidentally, the 746 pound, monster Blue Marlin catch has happened on same day that check-in and registration begins for the World’s biggest Black & Blue Marlin Tournament, “Bisbee’s.” Patrick Neville is a repeat client with Pisces Sportfishing for nearly one decade fishing with Captain Julio Castro and on the Tracy Ann each year, three times per year.

Patrick Neville added, “This morning, Captain Julio asked us if we would like to fish for Marlin because he felt today may be a good day so we looked at each other and said, ‘sure, sounds great!’ We never had any intention of catching a massive fish but that is all part of the adventure when fishing in Cabo San Lucas during this time of year!”

This catch was unique is that it happened quickly but like a high-speed car chase. At 8:30AM, lines were dropped in the water. 10 minutes later, the Blue Marlin hit the line and the chase was on. The Blue Marlin literally ran out the line to the very end on three different occasions with just the knot remaining on the reel.

After a bit of a tug-of-war only for 15 to 20 minutes, the fish died fairly quickly around 9:00AM, the monster Blue Marlin died. It took about one hour and forty minutes for the fish the fish to be literally pulled in by hand by three people and the deck hand as it died beneath the water. The 746-Pound Blue Marlin was boated around 10:30AM local time. Another odd thing about this Blue Marlin was the fact that it did not have a bill, apparently lost probably to a predator at a young age because the tip was completely healed over.

Patrick Neville trusts the boat and captain saying, “Why change a good thing, it works for us and we are a great team together. Over my 10 years in coming to Cabo for sportfishing at Pisces, we have caught over 40 Striped Marlin, we love the destination, we love the people and when we first met Julio, we were ‘hooked.’” Captain Julio Castro added, “This is the 2nd biggest Blue Marlin catch in my life, the other being 758 pounds but the experience this time is second-to-none.”

A buzz was in the air all day as news of a giant Blue Marlin catch circulated around Cabo San Lucas quickly amongst the locals, tourists and heavy-hitting anglers readying and registering for the Bisbee’s – World’s Biggest Black & Blue Marlin Tournament. As the boat drew near to the weigh station at center stage right in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall, a big crowd of anglers and media outlets had gathered in anticipation.

Another twist in the story was the size of the boat itself. At only 31-feet, the modest-sized boat drew attention itself when the fish was being weighed. Onlookers and anglers were asking around, “is that the boat that pulled in the huge Marlin?” Jean Neville and Penny Heinz said to a few people that, “If we hadn’t had the Tracy Ann, we might have lost the fish because of the ease in maneuvering with the Blue Marlin. Literally, we had to keep up with the marlin and angle the boat on a dime throughout the catch.”

Quoted by Mrs. Tracy Ehrenberg, General Manager of Pisces Sportfishing and Yacht Charters in Los Cabos for more than 30 years, “You don’t need to have a big boat to catch a big fish. The Tracy Ann is only a 31-foot boat. It really is about being in the right place at the right time. Most often, a great captain who knows the local waters will be able to guide anglers to excellent fishing areas, which will change, on a daily basis. A combination of having a great captain, maybe even the right bait or lure and then as with any sport, you need a little bit of luck for the best opportunities sportfishing in Cabo has to offer.”

Captain Julio Castro has been awarded the Billfish Foundation award in 2005, 06, 09 and 2010 for most striped marlin released worldwide. Patrick Neville, Jean Neville, Thomas Heinz and his wife Penny Heinz will all be back fishing this Thursday on October 20th again on the same boat, with the same captain and looking for another huge marlin catch.

Each year, beginning in July and August and up through December, the destination of Los Cabos is considered to be the hub for marlin deep sea fishing and even called, “The Black & Blue Marlin Capital of the World.” Annually, in October, some of the world’s richest sportfishing tournaments and jackpots are hosted in Cabo San Lucas. The destination has been the Mecca for fishermen and women from around the world, dating back to the 1950’s but really began growing in popularity over the last 30 years. Proudly, Pisces Group Cabo and Pisces Sportfishing has been a cornerstone of the Los Cabos fishing community and the name is now known around the world.

For more information about Pisces Group Cabo or Pisces Sportfishing, please call Toll Free in the U.S.A. 1-877-286-7938 or 619-819-7983. Or, call us in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico by dialing +52-624-143-1288. Visit us at www.piscesgroupcabo.com. For pictures, additional information and latest, up-to-the-minute news about this developing story on The Pisces Fleet Blog at www.piscesfleet.blogspot.com.


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