Cabo Marine Show 2011

This year the second-annual Cabo Marine Show aims to bring together more than 40 top local and foreign vendors from Los Cabos, La Paz and mainland Mexico. The event will showcase goods and services complementing the area’s high-end marine and luxury markets—from top local area marinas and real estate developments, to luxury yacht and boat charters, commercial grade marine products and services, fashion and lifestyle, live entertainment and more.

The show will run from 1pm to 9m, Thursday, April 21 through Saturday, April 23, 2011, in a beautiful open-air setting. Admission is free to the general public. The location is on the Marina waterfront sections of the Puerto Paraiso Shopping Center, Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall and the Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa—commonly known as the Marina Golden Zone. It takes place during one of Mexico’s most important holiday weeks, Semana Santa.

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