From Huerta Los Tamarindos, located in San José del Cabo, at 1:00 pm on this Sunday, December 3, 2017, the long-awaited culinary event “Sabor a Cabo Rural 2017” was inaugurated with laughter and voices of joy , hundreds of people gathered to celebrate and try a very significant amount of dishes, created with the best ingredients, always putting up the slogan From the Orchard to the Table, where the perseverant participation of chefs of high status, again impressive to all present, as in previous years. The organization of the event came to life through large ranks of diners who wanted to taste all the Mexican food of their choice, who, despite waiting for several minutes to be served, behaved at all times and showed to be enjoying the visual beauty that It surrounded the place.


The celebration didn’t stop there, with background music the guitars of the Banda Norteña Doble A resounded, a group of young people that put to dance and sing to all, with a great variety of very iconic songs to the Mexican culture, the hours flowed and the mezcal artisanal drinks, tequila, mint, vodka, liqueur of flavor and house wine, went from one place to another, accompanying the tables and decorating the food. To conclude the event, the pioneer of Sabor a Cabo Rural, Mrs. Edith Jiménez and Jacobo Turky, president of (SCR), took the floor and thanked all the assembled ones, as well as invited to prepare themselves better, for the next year, expanding the facilities of the Huerta Los Tamarindos, to be able to receive a larger number of people, and live more loosely and effectively, in terms of time and lines, as was the case on this occasion.

Sabor a Cabo Rural 2017 was achieved thanks to the intervention and total support of restaurants and bars such as: The Office, Ediths, Tamarindos, Pitahayas, El Choyero, Casa San José 23400, Carbón Cabrón, Comnor Sigma, La Pampa, Mi casa, Tequila , La Venia, La Galería, Baja Wines and Tequila Cabo Unico.

written by Diney Manriquez