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Los Cabos International Film Festival has established itself as a proud ally for dozens of film and TV projects that have participated in the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund (GFFF) over the years. The GFFF boosts projects in development and postproduction stages, and is a showcase to promote co-productions, distribution and exhibition; therefore, it constitutes a solid option to impulse the Mexican and North American film industry.

We are pleased to announce the 21 selected titles that will participate in a bid to receive funding through the following three categories: Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund – Film in Development, Film in Post Production (Work in Progress) and TV Series in Development.

These 21 titles were picked out of 535 competing projects that applied for the different categories of this one-of–a-kind Fund, which promotes the creation and completion of new film and TV projects produced or co produced by Mexico, USA, Canada and Latin America.

In addition to competing for the nine prizes comprised in the three aforementioned categories, the selected groups will be able to participate in worthwhile meetings with outstanding professionals from the international film industry, in the space provided by the GFFF-Meetings.

GFFF- Cine en Film In Development: Mexico

  1. Los algodones / Dir. Santiago Fábregas / Prod. Gabriel Stavenhagen / México
  2. El estado del imperio / Dir. Amat Escalante / Prod. Nicolás Celis, Fernanda de

    la Peza / México

  3. El hoyo en la cerca / Dir. Joaquín del Paso / Prod. Fernanda de la Peza /

    México / Selected in collaboration with MICA

  4. Neza / Dir. Julio Hernández Cordón / Prod. Rafael Ley, Rodrigo S. González,

    María José Córdova / México

  5. Ona sur / Dir. Begoña Colomar / Prod. Joseph Mastantuono / México-Estados Unidos
  1. Sangría / Dir. Pablo Agüero / Prod. Julia Cherrier, Thierry Lounas / México- Francia
  2. Viaje al país de los tarahumaras / Dir. Federico Cecchetti / Prod. Edher Campos / México-Francia-Canadá

United States and Canada

  1. The Gymnast / Dir. Charlotte Glynn / Prod. Michael Harrop, Brian Koppelman, David Levien / Estados Unidos / Selected in collaboration with Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)
  2. In cold light / Dir. Maxime Giroux / Prod. Mike MacMillan, Yanick Letorneau / Canadá

10. Leche / Dir. Gabriella Moses / Prod. Martisse Hill, Julius Pryor, Shruti Ganguly / Estado Unidos-Ecuador / Selected in collaboration with Tribeca Film Institute

11. Saint Cabron / Dir. Bruce Labruce / Prod. Nicolas Comeau / Canadá-Alemania
 GFFF – Work In Progress:

  1. Chèche Lavi / Dir. Samuel Elison / Prod. Kyle Martin, Abraham Avila, Kim Parker, Rachel Cantave, Nora Mendis / México-Estados Unidos
  2. El deseo de Ana / Dir. Emilio Santoyo / Prod. Araceli Velázquez Silva, Valeria Ariñez Sanjines / México
  3. Días de invierno / Dir. Jaiziel Hernández Máynez / Prod. Raymundo Hernández Vásquez, Daniel Cabello, Edgar Nito / México
  4. Mano de obra / Dir. David Zonana / Prod. Michel Franco, Darío Yazbek Bernal / México
  5. Ya no estoy aquí / Dir. Fernando Frías / Prod. Alberto Muffelmann / México

GFFF – TV Series In Development:

  1. Los abogados del diablo / Prod. Daniela Alatorre, Elena Fortes / México
  2. Los ángeles de la muerte / Dir. Miguel Cohan / Prod. Hernán Musaluppi / Argentina

3. El idealista / Dir. Santiago Mohar / Prod. Juan Simons / México
4. Mario / Dir. Bernardo de la Rosa / Prod. Fernanda Gabenara, Alberto

Muffelmann / México
5. Versus / Dir. Raúl Cuesta / Prod. Gabriela Gavica / México

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The awards to be granted this year are:

Feature-length films produced or co-produced by Mexico, USA or Canada in affiliation with any other country are eligible to participate.

Los Cabos Film in Development Award: $100,000.00 MXN (one hundred thousand Mexican pesos) cash prize.

CTT EXP & Rentals Award: With a value of $813, 067.20 MXN of filming equipment rental for four weeks (camera and optic).

Talent On The Road/ World Talent House Award: $150,000.00 MXN (one hundred and fifty thousand Mexican pesos) in cash to film projects in development stage produced by or co-produced with Mexico.

CTT EXP & Rentals + Chemistry Platform Award: $1,283,911.20 MXN (one million, two Hundred eighty three thousand, nine hundred eleven Mexican pesos ) worth in film equipment rental for four weeks of shooting (camera, optics, mobile and generator) granted by CTT EXP & Rentals, and $1,789,416.00 MXN (one million, seven hundred eighty nine thousand, four hundred sixteen Mexican pesos) worth of post-production services, such as film conform, color correction, digital deliveries, graphic insertions, Quality Check, DCP, Blue Ray, DVD and Master backup, granted by Chemistry, to a film project produced by or co-produced with Mexico.


Feature-length films in post-production stage produced by or co-produced with Mexico, with a minimum final duration of 60 minutes are eligible for submission.

Los Cabos Work in Progress Award: $100,000.00 MXN (one hundred thousand Mexican pesos) cash prize.

Chemistry Award: $945,864.00 MXN (nine hundred forty-five thousand eight hundred sixty-four Mexican pesos) worth of post-production services: film conform, color correction, digital deliveries, graphic insertions, Quality Check and DCP.

Cinecolor México Award: $443,700.00 MXN (four hundred forty three thousand seven hundred Mexican pesos), equivalent to 100 hours of color correction services and one DCP.


Proyectos de series de televisión, ficción o documental, producidos o co- producidos por México o cualquier otro país de Latinoamérica.

Art Kingdom Promo Trailer Award: 5, 000 USD (five thousand American dollars). Includes creative process and post production services.

BOBO Award: $100,000.00 MXN (one hundred thousand Mexican pesos) cash prize.


 By Jorge Cuervo

Enjoy and learn about Tequila with the Cuervo Family!

Jorge Cuervo will personally share his expertise in tequila tasting; his passion for this industry comes back from generations in his family, starting with Don Jose Antonio Cuervo, who was the founder of the Tequila beverage back in the XVIII century. Jorge will talk about the history, development process, as well as the varieties of tequila, myths and realities, while you also enjoy of delicious Mexican canapés by Executive Chef Roberto Gallardo.

We have at your service two different tasting class as follows:

Traditional Tequila Tasting
Taste tequilas from the legendary, traditional and the most distinguished family producers at Tequila town and Tequila region.

Artisanal & Special Reserve Tequila Tasting
Flavor handcrafted Tequilas and Special Reserves of the most prestigious Tequila Families.

Class subject to availability.
Reservation required.

Chocolate & Cocktails Festival – Café des Artistes

Come and find the special menu of desserts made with Callebaut chocolate, as well as a selection of exotic cocktails created especially to convey stories through their combinations and flavors.

Guest Chef Santiago Plasencia – Barry Callebaut
Guest Bartender Dan Rodríguez – Embajador de Raicilla Ritual de Dioses

Reserve: Opentable:

For any questions please contact to Cristina Gámez at Café des Artistes at 01 624 163 7600 Ext.2213 from 15:00 to 23:00hrs.


2 great musicians join in Romeo y Julieta to perform!
Enjoy an incredible experience accompanied by excellent music this Saturday, March 31st.

MIKE GRABOW & VICTOR COSSIO – From 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm

For Reservation:
📞(624) 143 0225