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From Huerta Los Tamarindos, located in San José del Cabo, at 1:00 pm on this Sunday, December 3, 2017, the long-awaited culinary event “Sabor a Cabo Rural 2017” was inaugurated with laughter and voices of joy , hundreds of people gathered to celebrate and try a very significant amount of dishes, created with the best ingredients, always putting up the slogan From the Orchard to the Table, where the perseverant participation of chefs of high status, again impressive to all present, as in previous years. The organization of the event came to life through large ranks of diners who wanted to taste all the Mexican food of their choice, who, despite waiting for several minutes to be served, behaved at all times and showed to be enjoying the visual beauty that It surrounded the place.


The celebration didn’t stop there, with background music the guitars of the Banda Norteña Doble A resounded, a group of young people that put to dance and sing to all, with a great variety of very iconic songs to the Mexican culture, the hours flowed and the mezcal artisanal drinks, tequila, mint, vodka, liqueur of flavor and house wine, went from one place to another, accompanying the tables and decorating the food. To conclude the event, the pioneer of Sabor a Cabo Rural, Mrs. Edith Jiménez and Jacobo Turky, president of (SCR), took the floor and thanked all the assembled ones, as well as invited to prepare themselves better, for the next year, expanding the facilities of the Huerta Los Tamarindos, to be able to receive a larger number of people, and live more loosely and effectively, in terms of time and lines, as was the case on this occasion.

Sabor a Cabo Rural 2017 was achieved thanks to the intervention and total support of restaurants and bars such as: The Office, Ediths, Tamarindos, Pitahayas, El Choyero, Casa San José 23400, Carbón Cabrón, Comnor Sigma, La Pampa, Mi casa, Tequila , La Venia, La Galería, Baja Wines and Tequila Cabo Unico.

written by Diney Manriquez

Sabor a Cabo Quivira Los Cabos 2017

Sabor A Cabo Rural will have an exquisite selection of restaurants in Los Cabos, cooking authentic regional dishes.

Adult $ 500 pesos and under 12 years $ 250 pesos
Acquire your tickets in La Pintada, Tamarindos, Tequilas and Municipal Tourism Directorate…


Saturday night closed the sixth edition of the International Film Festival in Los Cabos 2017, being a resounding success, as already planned with the unparalleled beauty and simplicity of Nicole Kidman, who took the night; between applause, shouts and autographs that hundreds of fans cheered to the Australian actress, which at all times was projected and delivered the heart during this film celebration. In addition to giving respect to the media who interviewed her for several minutes and took dozens of photographs, the actress and producer also shine like a goddess on the red carpet, posing and demonstrating their good taste when dressing, with that captivating personality that characterizes it.

Nicole Kidman. Photo by Francisco Estrada

In the closing process, a brief profile of Kidman was announced and once it was finished, the stage was called with great fervor to receive the award that was deserved due to her great professionalism “Life Time Archievement Award 2017” that the Australian in an exciting way and with a very expressive look, said to all those present – “Thank you very much, it is very important to receive this distinction” wrapped in applause and smiles, dismissed the film event and she invite to continue supporting the effort of all those who made possible “The 2017 Los Cabos International Film Festival”.

– Written by Diney Manriquez




Paul Schrader

During the sixth edition of the International Film Festival in Los Cabos 2017, a well-deserved tribute was paid to the director and screenwriter PAUL SCHRADER, who with great joy emphasized the great differences that exist in the current and the old cinema, without underestimating and in a very objective way the cinematographic director mentioned before the media, the ease with which cinema can be made in these times, with the full support of technology and the new requirements to shoot a film, there are no rules and all they can do it … he also affirm that it is “wrong” to generalize the Hollywood industry, since today, you can enjoy films that do not belong to that industry, and even the study systems that previously financed Universal, 20ht Century Fox, Warner among others, now invest with Netflix, Apple, Google and Amazon, being the film production of this moment and the most searched.

festival cine-paul-schrader

Paul Schrader

Through the festival two films of his most symbolic works were programmed, such as Mishima, a very radical creation for the American director, and First Reformed, a very personal work that has been presented at the last Mostra of Venice, a film with reflection on the care of the environment; of which Paul Schrader added – “it’s too late, no one listens, they are not interested … it’s what one gives to the grandchildren”, with these words he conclude to continue enjoying the fabulous tribute that the International Film Festival prepared him, happy and proud to be the only film director to receive such recognition.

Los Cabos Film Festival 6th Edition 2017 Preview

Come and see what the neighbors are doing

Los Cabos Film Festival 6th Edition 2017 Preview November 8th to 12th

By Antonio Vargas

Once again and for the sixth time Los Cabos welcomes film artists from several regions of the world, with a wide variety of contents and unique forms of presenting life experiences, the festival will share astounding film material.

Hugo Villa Smythe, General Director of the Los Cabos Film Festival stated at the first press conference that the event has been growing little by little, focusing in quality, understanding that the niche for this particular festival are the businesses in Mexico, United States and Canada. He also remarked that this is a talent showcase that already is bearing fruit. Compared with other renowned film festivals in this country, this one at Los Cabos, has enormous potential and incredible projection to the world even though this is a very small community with limited infrastructure for events of such magnitude. About 75% of the film creators are repeating their participations and some of them had been selected for the Gabriel Figueroa Fund.

Los Cabos Films Festival 2017 Preview

Los Cabos Films Festival 2017 Preview

This time the effort is also focalized to a good cause; All the money collected in the sale of tickets for galas and coupons will be donated entirely to Red Autismo, an association founded by Lemonia Aretos; this is a non profit organization located in Los Cabos that aims to provide specialized care for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) seeking the development of skills to improve their quality of life and that of their family. In this effort the Mexican sculptor Nacho Gallardo “El Nacho” is also donating some of his work. As part of the activities held in the blue day (the Red Autismo day) through a silent auction, the money raised in this event will also be donated to the cause.

Los Cabos Films Festival 2017 Preview

Los Cabos Films Festival 2017 Preview

The press conference panel were also attended by Jesus Serafin Ochoa, representative of the Baja California Sur Tourism Mexican Federal Institution SECTUR, Karina Corral Raygoza, Municipal Director for Los Cabos, Raoul Chollet Rochin, FONATUR Los Cabos, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, FITURCA Los Cabos, Lindsay Orsi, Representative of the Hotels in Los Cabos and Francis Doring Mendoza, Co-Founder of Red Autismo.

40 films of recent production and one retrospective movie integrate the festival. 90% of the titles will be premiere right here in Los Cabos. Five world premieres, three international premieres, eight Latin American premieres and twenty premieres in Mexico.

Los Cabos Films Festival 2017 Preview

Mexican sculptor Nacho Gallardo “El Nacho”

Sections Green, B-Side and Special Presentations are integrated by the best and most recent film productions in the international community. The Festival on its sixth edition will be pleased to announce the winners of Los Cabos Lab in collaboration with Huffpost.

The film program of this edition is wide and spectacular, we are sure you will encounter extraordinary art proposals and sublime experiences on your theater seat.
So, just let it go and enjoy.