Francisco Ignacio Madero González

Francisco Ignacio Madero González

A stamp dedicated to  Francisco Ignacio Madero Gonzalez a politician, writer and

revolutionary who served as President of Mexico from 1911 to 1913.
Photo circa 1985. | markaumark


Francisco Ignacio Madero González
(30 de octubre de 1873 – 22 de febrero de 1913)

Born in Coahuila on October 30, 1873. Son of a wealthy landowner. Family was devoted to ranching, farming and commerce. Studied commerce and economics in France and agriculture in the U.S. Saw the need to improve conditions in Mexico.

Francisco-Madero-3c00794v-2General Madero, Mexican political leader, full-length portrait, standing,
facing right,  with hand in sling, after being wounded at Casas Grandes.
Date Created/Published: c1911.  Medium: 1 photographic print.
Library of Congress: