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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day in Cabo

A few years ago, a local Cabo San Lucas writer said that, ”Valentine’s Day romance, in and of itself, has become a specialty in Los Cabos.” The natural beauty of this Southern Baja California Region, along with its wonderful, warm beaches and iconic Land’s End Arch rock formation, all make for an alluring, serene, romantic vacation getaway. Magical, and memorable evenings of love by the sea, have grown steadily over the years.The Valentines name dates back to the Christian priest who defied Roman Emperor Claudius II (AD 268-270) decree that no young man of fighting age could be married so they could focus on the task of being soldiers. St. Valentine broke that edict by marrying them in secret. When this clandestine activity was discovered by Claudius, St. Valentine was jailed and ultimately killed on February 14 for the treasonous action of converting men to Christianity.

While imprisoned, St. Valentine continued his ministry of the Gospel of Christ to everyone he could, including his jailers. One of the Roman guards watching over the bold priest is said to have asked St. Valentine to pray for his blind, adopted daughter. After the girl had been healed, she received a signed, hand delivered note from her jailer father ”on the down low” which read, ”From your Valentine.”

The modern tradition of exchanging love-proclaiming cards or mushy love notes now consists of people ”openly” giving their loved ones, the chocolates and flowers associated with February 14, St. Valentine’s Day. A date which has immortalized a man of the cloth who encouraged others to recognize the truly unselfish love of Christ and his servant apostles who died so the Gospel of the Lord could be spread unto the non-Christian masses.

One Mexican tradition that has been seemingly lost over the years, amidst the romantic wave of these modern cyberspace dominated times, is the old wooing and courting best symbolized with an old-school Mariachi song. Rarely is anyone spotted serenading their loved one with guitar in hand, or at least having someone sing and play nearby, while he proclaims his undying love.

But there’s no denying in this modern era of speed dating, online social networks and dating apps, that Los Cabos is one very cool place to spend your Valentine’s Day with that special someone and soak in the wonderfully unique aspects of what makes this Baja California resort, a romantic paradise. Not only falling further in love with your soul-mate, but also with the romantic City of Cabo itself. When it comes to celebrating Valentines Day in Los Cabos, most single visitors have plenty of places to choose from, during Cupid’s celebration of love. In San Lucas, tourists can meander on over to Medano Beachand partake in all the wild festivities that have made the Mango Deck barso popular. The multitude of attractive bikini clad females and handsome shirtless men that occupy any of the four beach-front bars of Medano Beach during the afternoons of either Mango Deck, The OfficeBillygan’sor Baja Cantina, are reason enough that available singles will have the time of their lives on Valentine’s Day in San Lucas.

At night, since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this 2020 year, any able-bodied person can dance and sip alcoholic beverages at any of the most popular and famous nightclubs that are all located within a one block radius of each other. Places like Cabo Wabo, Rips, Jungle Bar, Giggling Marlin, Cabo Blue, RockStonePink KittyHard Rock CafeMandala, Baja Junkie, and the world famous, El Squid Roe. In San Jose del Cabo, spending an afternoon on the Marinato enjoy food and beverages at any of the chic restaurants and bars, or just relax at La Playita beach, is an option in the quieter, Los Cabos cityThe night life in San Jose del Cabohas greatly expanded during the past half decade.

In the Colonial downtown area of SJDC, the live music scene comes to life at places like the Tropicana Restaurant and Cantina, where there are men and women aplenty every weekend, dancing away to cumbia, salsa, and meringue; which they also do at nearby, Don Sanchez Cantina and a nightclub called Ya ya ya. Not far from there, is Baja Brewing Company, which offers home made micro beers of light to amber dark flavors, featuring live bands playing classic rock and roll music, and is found down the street and around the corner from the city’s landmark Catholic Church.

As for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, there is a dizzying array of wonderful and romantic restaurants to choose from. Places like Sunset de Mona LisaRomeo y JulietaNicksan’s Palmilla,PitahayasLos Riscos Mesquite GrillCafé des Artistes Restaurant, and the pricey El Farallón.

Wild Cabo Tours

Wild Cabo Tours
An adventure is nothing if you don´t share it with your loved ones

Pez Gato

Pez Gato
Don’t skip the “Valentine’s Love Cruise” this next February 14 from 5:00 p.m. on board Catfish ⛵️. 2-hour tour, $ 500 pesos per adult, includes open bar and lots of fun. Event presented by GAYCABO 🏳️‍🌈
Reservations by phone (624) 143.37.97
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Cabo Rey

Cabo Rey

The Caborey experience on a magical night, with the best atmosphere of Los Cabos and the most romantic view of the bay.
Package 1, Includes: 3-course dinner, open bar, home show, 2 ½ hours of walk in the bay, live music.$ 2500 pesos per coupleDinner options:• FETUCCINI WITH SHRIMPS• STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST Package 2: Fajitas Buffet Dinner, Open Bar, 2 ½ hours of walk in the bay, live music.$ 1400 pesos per couple RESERVATIONS AT 143 80 60

Luxury Avenue

Luxury Avenue

Cada historia de amor es diferente, y en #Ultrafemmeencontrarás el regalo ideal para expresar lo que sientes por esa persona tan especial. #BeautyExperts#LuxuryAvenue

Cafe des artistes

Cafe des Artistes

Let’s celebrate the life in company of that special person with a great night full of music and an exquisite selection of dishes by our chef.Live piano music 19:00 – 22:00 hrs20% Discount to Los Cabos residentstaxes included, gratitude non included.We recommend booking through any of these optionsOpentable / /

Cabo Flowers

Cabo Flowers Not sure what to get that special someone this Valentine’s day?
Check out our vast selection of flowers, Cabo Flowers & Cakeshave something for you!

POSTER FDM 2019-ch-ing

Music Festival 2019 Press Conference – Squid Roe.

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

The Saturday, June 22, 2019, San Jose del Cabo 11th Annual Festival of Music, press release at Squid Roe, announced that the gowing music party is more popular than the one celebrated the same date as the festivities in Guadalajara. Musician’s and groups participating in this year’s edition include bands and performers from Mexico City, and Colombia.

When the SJDC event started in 2009, there were 300 people listening to 14 bands. By 2012, those numbers jumped to an attendance of 7,000 locals and a then-record 60 bands in 2012. In 2016, the attending crowd rose to 10,000 peope and the number of bands and musicians reached an all-time high, 160 live bands. The SJDC Music Festival is by far the summer’s most popular event. A remarkable night of music that begins at 5:00 PM and ends at 1:00 AM.

The world-wide global celebration of music was an idea that began a half decade as a single celebration of music. A day in which musicians perform passionately at the various streets that wind through their respective communities. A day to share their vocal, guitar, drum, flute, saxophone, keyboard and bass playing talents.

The event’s organizing committee have seen this unique and special event, grow every year since it first began. It is justifiably considered the largest live band celebration of music in the world. The international music festival’s roots date back to the 1982 gala in France.

The Music Festival that begins at 5:00 pm is a free event; celebrating music in all its different styles. It is a memorable event that happens simultaneously worldwide in 120 countries that include Paris Italy, Rio de Janiero Brazil, Dublin Ireland, Madrid Spain, Quebec Canada, New York New York, Denver Colorado, South Africa, Australia, Paraguay, and India. In Mexico, the event is held in the national cities of San Luis, Potosi; Mexico City, Guadalajara, and San Jose del Cabo.

June 21st was chosen as the festival’s event date because it is the summer solstice day in the northern hemisphere. A date joined by 120 countries sharing in the appreciation and celebration of music and it’s daily impact in the livelihood of everyone inhabiting this rich and diverse planet. There will be music from different genres, in both Spanish and English languages, and there will be musicians of every level; amateur, beginner, and professional.

Everything from Mariachi, banda, salsa, jazz, funk, and good old rock and roll. Audiences at this festival have walked away completely happy and satisfied during the past three years.

Conferencia de prensa fiesta de la musica 2019

The press conference was held thanks to Cultural Promoter VIVARTE A.C. and H. XIII City Hall of Los Cabos through the Institute of Cultura y Arte.

Havana Nights at Nick-San Palmilla

HAVANA NIGHT at #NicksanPalmilla , Dinner &Show with Rosalia de Cuba Band & Dancers, a Latin night in Los Cabos!

Three-course dinner, with a glass of wine, included.
Price $ 700 pesos plus tax & service.

Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. December 29th.
RSVP: / (624)144-6262

Havana Nights at Nick-San Palmilla every Saturday! Get out of the routine, enjoy an exquisite menu along with the rhythm of Rosalia de Cuba.The Band RSVP: (624) 144 – 6262 | 📩


 By Jorge Cuervo

Enjoy and learn about Tequila with the Cuervo Family!

Jorge Cuervo will personally share his expertise in tequila tasting; his passion for this industry comes back from generations in his family, starting with Don Jose Antonio Cuervo, who was the founder of the Tequila beverage back in the XVIII century. Jorge will talk about the history, development process, as well as the varieties of tequila, myths and realities, while you also enjoy of delicious Mexican canapés by Executive Chef Roberto Gallardo.

We have at your service two different tasting class as follows:

Traditional Tequila Tasting
Taste tequilas from the legendary, traditional and the most distinguished family producers at Tequila town and Tequila region.

Artisanal & Special Reserve Tequila Tasting
Flavor handcrafted Tequilas and Special Reserves of the most prestigious Tequila Families.

Class subject to availability.
Reservation required.