Festival de San José, Patron Saint of San Jose del Cabo

March 14 to 19 (exact dates vary)  Festival de San Jose del Cabo
Festival of San Jose,  St. Joseph – San Jose del Cabo

Editor’s Note for 2016: dates: March 15 to 20, 2016

fiestas-de-san-jose-del-caboThis festival is in honor of the city’s patron saint, San José (St. Joseph). This 11-day festival (the exact number of days needs to be confirmed) culminates on March 20, the feast day of Saint Joseph, every year. Beginning with evening parties and music on the 15 of March, the festival increases with carnivals and parades on weekends. Food venues are placed throughout all downtown, and booths carrying items like fresh warm tamales and sugared pumpkin candies are also available.



Saint Joseph with child Jesus. Photo: zatletic

Painting of Saint Joseph with child Jesus. Photo: BigStockPhoto.com / zatletic