Nochebuena, Christmas Eve, December 24

December 24 – Nochebuena – Christmas Eve. 
The celebration of  the eve of the nativity of Jesus, as both a secular and religious winter holiday.

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Buñuelos, a crispy fried rosette cookie.
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The traditional treats for this holiday are buñuelos (crispy fried rosette cookies), a Mexican favorite at Christmas), tamales and  champurrado. Champurrado is basically chocolate-flavored atole, and it is almost as fun to say as it is to drink, particularly if you are adept at rolling your r’s.  Both champurrado and Mexican hot chocolate pair well with churros, delicious fried pastries with a name that also rolls trippingly off the tongue. Sometimes they eat gelatina de colores (different flavors of Jell-O and a milk-based Jell-O mixed together to make a colorful treat) Las Posadas are celebrated nine days poinsettia or noche buena flowerbefore Nochebuena, usually accompanied by a piñata party for children and dance music for adults. Poinsettias, or Christmas Eve flowers (Noche Buena), are displayed in many homes.

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