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Dear friends, in Maria corona we will have a spectacular show with a format never seen before in Los Cabos.
We will give a trip for 3 regions of our country, showcasing the best of their folklore, music and gastronomy.

The show will start at 8:30 pm and is divided into 3 parts:

“The prehispanic Mexico” In which will show a series of impressive dances of the Aztec culture while customers tasted the most typical and outstanding dishes of the state Yucatan and the Maya culture.

“Veracruz” This state is spread with all its joy and colors. We will have a live Jarocho trio playing accompanying the dances from this region such as La Bamba, among others! The food of this set is accompanied by colorful region to perfection.

“Mexico Center” Jalisco and Nayarit will be the states stars of this set, live Mariachi, dance of the machetes, the tap dance of the Jarabe Tapatio will ring merrily as guests enjoy delicious dishes.

To close with a flourish have a surprise accompanying the end of our desserts trilogy!

Price per adult $ 75.00 USD
Price per child $ 38.00 USD

It includes:
Show, live music after the show, welcome drink, sparkling wine to toast 12:00 am, 4-stroke menu.

Not included:
VAT, Tip,
Beverages (includes only welcome and toast)

To start…
Made to order by our wait staff, avocados, cilantro, rock sea salt, serrano peppers and white onions, served with crispy tortilla chips and handmade corn tortillas.FIRST
Lime Soup…Shredded chicken, lime, cinnamon, tomatoes, avocado, peppers and cilantro
Chamorro Yucatan…Baked pork in banana leaf, achiote, lime and orange juice, served with onion salsa and corn tortillas
Black Beans…Refried and topped with queso fresco and sour cream.SECOND
Mini Ceviche Tostada…Fresh catch of the day and shrimp on a crispy corn tortilla, avocado and salsa Mexicana
Red Snapper Veracruzano…Olives, capers, roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic, raisins and oregano
Green Rice…Spinach, cilantro and pumpkin seeds.

Centro de México
Ensalada de Nopalitos…Cactus leaves, tomatoes, onion, cilantro and lime vinaigrette, topped with queso fresco
Tamal with Chicken and Mole…Corn masa filled with shredded chicken and our traditional mole sauce, wrapped in corn husk and lightly fried, topped with mole sauce
Beef “Birria”…Beef marinated in chile guajillo, garlic, oregano, tomatoes, pineapple, bay leafs and cloves, slow cooked in and served with fresh made yellow corn tortillas.

Sweet Mexico…
Churros…Chocolate sauce, fresh berries
Pumpkin Candy…Slow braised in cinnamon, brown sugar and topped with whipping cream
Traditional Mexican Candies…

Para empezar…
Guacamole María Corona…
Hecho a la mesa por nuestros meseros con aguacate, cilantro, sal de mar, chiles serranos y cebolla blanca, acompañado de crujientes totopos y tortillas de maíz hechas a mano.PRIMER TIEMPO
Sopa de Lima… Tiras de pollo, limón, canela, tomate, aguacate, pimientos y cilantro
Chamorro Yucateco… Chamorro de Cerdo horneado en hoja de plátano, achiote, lima y jugo de naranja, servido con tortillas de maíz y cebolla morada con habanero.
Frijoles negros… Refritos, con queso fresco y crema agria.SEGUNDO TIEMPO
Mini Tostada de Ceviche… De la Pesca del día y de camarón en una tortilla de maíz crujiente, con aguacate y salsa Mexicana.
Huachinango Veracruzano… Aceitunas, alcaparras, pimientos, jitomate, ajo, pasas y orégano
Arroz verde… Espinaca, cilantro y semillas de calabaza.

Centro de México
Ensalada de Nopalitos… Con jitomate, cebolla, cilantro, vinagreta de limón y queso fresco.
Tamal de Pollo con Mole… Masa de maíz relleno con pollo deshebrado y nuestro mole tradicional, envuelto en hoja de maíz y ligeramente frito, bañado con mole.
Birria… Carne de res marinada en chile guajillo, ajo, orégano, jitomate, piña, laurel y clavo, cocinada lentamente y servida con tortillas de maíz hechas a mano.

El México dulce…
Churros… Salsa de chocolate, moras frescas
Dulce de calabaza… Lentamente cocinado con canela, piloncillo y crema para batir.
Dulces mexicanos.